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Sending Newsletters and Mass Mailings from your LexiConn account
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30th of September, 2010

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Sending newsletters and mass mailings directly from hosting accounts is prohibited and violates LexiConn's TOS. This is in place to prevent servers from becoming blacklisted or marked as spam sources, which helps protect regular email correspondence from being negatively affected. LexiConn has developed a mailing list service that is designed to handle large amounts of email for newsletters and announcements that is whitelisted with the major email providers. This is offered to hosted clients with an Advanced or ShopSite hosting account, and to managed dedicated server clients. LexiConn does offer a mailing list application for this purpose to hosted clients with an Advanced or ShopSite hosting account.

Click here for pricing information.

Mailing List Requirements

All LexiConn clients must agree to send only permission-based newsletters. Permission may be obtained through the use of an opt-in signup form or from a point of sale signup form.

LexiConn clients may not:

  • Purchase lists (even purchased opt-in lists)
  • Collect emails from browsers unknowingly
  • Add an email address without permission
  • Email a person who has unsubscribed from a list

The following applies to any client sending a newsletter through LexiConn's mailing list software:

  • Any email address that has a permanent hard bounce will be automatically unsubscribed.
  • Any email address that has a soft bounce will be unsubscribed after three soft bounces.
  • Any large list import will be monitored and reviewed by LexiConn.
  • A record is saved of every email that is sent.
  • Any sending of spam will result in the cancellation of the account.
  • ALL emails sent will contain an unsubscribe link that is inserted by default. This link is not optional

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