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  1. questionMigration tips for using the new mailing list system
    Quick Start & New Terms The new system has different naming conventions for sending a newsletter then the old system does. In the new system, you first create an "Email Message" under the Campaigns tab. Then you can create a Campaign and assign this campaign your email message to be sent. Your ...

  2. questionSending Newsletters and Mass Mailings from your LexiConn account
    Sending newsletters and mass mailings directly from hosting accounts is prohibited and violates LexiConn's TOS. This is in place to prevent servers from becoming blacklisted or marked as spam sources, which helps protect regular email correspondence from being negatively affected. LexiConn has ...

  3. questionHow are bounces handled?
    Bounces are handled automatically by the software. If an email address is a hard bounce (meaning the email address does not exist), then they are bounced from your list right away. For soft bounces (i.e. mailbox over quota, temporarily disabled, etc...) it takes 3 soft bounces before an address ...

  4. questionHow are unsubscribes handled?
    The software will automatically add an unsubscribe link to any email that goes out if it does not detect one in the email. You can add an unsubscribe link easily in the edtor. When a person unsubscribes, they are marked as inactive, but are not deleted. This will prevent them from being re-adde ...

  5. questionHow can I create a campaign for sending?
    The system allows you to create your own template, choose an existing template, or import a webpage/file from your computer or from the web.

  6. questionI am having some problems importing subscribers. The fields seem out of place. What could be wrong?
    This usually occurs if your import data file contains bad data or invalid columns etc. For example: Email, Name email@lexiconn.com, Smith,John 1 Note that the number one above, will affect the importing of this file and must be removed before importing. Also, the above assumes we have 2 fields ...

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