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  1. questionHow can I add someone back to my list who accidentally unsubscribed?
    If someone inadvertantly unsubscribed from your mailing list, you cannot add them back in by subscribing their address, as the system already has an entry for them and it is in an unsubscribed state. In order to "re-subscribe" them, you would login to the admin interface and go to: Subscribers ...

  2. questionWhat happens if I exceed my limit of allowed emails per month?
    The system will let you exceed your limit up to the limit of the next mailing list level. For example, if you are on the Level 1 plan of 10,000 emails per month you are allowed to go up to the Level 2 limit of 20,000 emails per month before the system will stop a mailing from being sent. If y ...

  3. questionCan I send out sequential autoresponses when a user subscribes?
    Yes. The system supports sending of automatic sequential emails that are triggered when a user subscribes, sent in specific time intervals, eg. After 1 hour, or after 2 days etc. These sequential emails are referred to as Autoresponders, and can be accessed using the Campaigns > Create New C ...

  4. questionHow can I let my subscribers modify the details of their subscription?
    To allow users to modify the details of their subscription, simply add a "Update Profile" link to your newsletter. You do this by selecting "Personalize Message" and adding the item titled "Update profile Link". This will generate a link in your newsletter, pointing to a dynamically generated p ...

  5. questionPosting Newsletter Links To Twitter
    By linking a contact list to a Twitter.com account you have the option to automatically submit a post to Twitter containing the title of the campaign and a link to view it. When people click that link and view the campaign their actions (such as clicking links) will be tracked and shown in you ...

  6. questionCan I automatically send out emails after a specific time, such as after an hour, or a day etc?
    Yes, such automated emails are referred to as Autoresponders. The system can be setup to send emails after a user signs up to the newsletter and a period of time has lapsed. To do this, simply click on the Campaigns > Create New Campaign option in the control panel. Clicking to create an "A ...

  7. questionCan I import and export data from/to another application?
    Yes, the system allows you to import subscribers using CSV files and to also export your subscribers also in CSV format. In the 'Subscribers' drop down menu, you will see the option to "Import Subscribers" or to "Export Subscribers". Select which option you would like and follow the on-screen i ...

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