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Can I send out sequential autoresponses when a user subscribes?
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12th of October, 2010

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Yes. The system supports sending of automatic sequential emails that are triggered when a user subscribes, sent in specific time intervals, eg. After 1 hour, or after 2 days etc.

These sequential emails are referred to as Autoresponders, and can be accessed using the Campaigns > Create New Campaign section in the control panel, or Campaigns > View Campaigns for existing Autoresponders.

It also supports custom Auto Responders that are triggered by specific custom fields. Lets say for example, that you have a custom field called "Gender" and an Autoresponder setup to send out a specific email to a Male subscriber. When the subscriber fills in their details in the subscription form, and selects Male from the "Gender" option, they will receive this Autoresponder. You can then create different Autoresponders for females and so forth.

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