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Can I import and export data from/to another application?
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11th of October, 2010

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Yes, the system allows you to import subscribers using CSV files and to also export your subscribers also in CSV format. In the 'Subscribers' drop down menu, you will see the option to "Import Subscribers" or to "Export Subscribers". Select which option you would like and follow the on-screen instructions.

To export your subscriber list follow these simple steps:

• Select Find Subscribers' from the 'Subscriber' menu
• Search for subscribers and/or select the mailing list you wish to export and if you want to filter the list at all (perhaps you only want to export Active users).
• Click Export, set the file format options, the fields you would like to include, and click Export.

To import users in to your list follow these simple steps:

• Select 'Import Subscribers' from the 'Subscriber' menu
• Select what mailing list you wish to import the subscribers to
• Set any additional options you prefer (the blue ? icon will provide details)
• Select "Import from a file", click Browse to find the file in your computer, then click Import
• Map the the fields or set uneeded fields to "Do not synchronize this field"
• Click "Test" to review the file and the fields or "Import" to process the file and import the contacts
Remember that if you are importing users into your database and you have custom fields that you will have to set these fields up before attempting to import data into them.

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