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Import Data through phpmyadmin
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27th of June, 2008

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It is possible to import tables to your MySQL database using phpMyAdmin if they are in .csv (or comma-separated) format. The table must already be created, the .csv file you upload must not have the column labels included, and the datatypes must match the datatype definitions of your MySQL columns.

To convert an Excel sheet to .csv format, click "Save as" then under "Save as type" scroll down and select CSV - comma delimited "*.csv"


Log into phpMyAdmin, select your database from the drop-down box, then select the appropriate table in the left navigation panel.


Click on the "Import" tab on the top:

Click "Browse" and select the .csv file you would like to import, then select CSV under "Format of the imported file". In the "Fields terminated by" box, change the semicolon ';' to a comma ',' then click on Go

You will be notified of any errors that occur in the import process.

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