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  1. questionOverview of MySQL
    MySQL is a type of database that was designed to be easier to use than most other types of databases. It is also built for scalability. MySQL is available with any type of account at no additional cost. To have a new database installed on your account, go to https://lexiconn.com/lexiconn/secur ...

  2. questionHow do I login to the MySQL Database Manager in the Account Manager?
    If you have a MySQL database set up and would like to manage your database over the web, LexiConn provides software which will help you to do so. If you would like to sign up for a database, visit: http://www.lexiconn.com/secure/additional.html. Things you can do using the MySQL database manag ...

  3. questionHow do I backup my MySQL database?
    The easiest way to backup your MySQL database is through phpMyAdmin, the web based mysql administration tool available through the Account Manager. The steps to backup your database via phpmyadmin are shown below 1. Login to phpmyadmin with your database username and password. Then choose your ...

  4. questionHow do I connect to my MySQL database with PHP?
    Here is a quick description of what commands are needed in your PHP pages to connect to MySQL. Note that if you need to connect remotely from another machine, you must let us know the IP# you will be connecting from so we can enable this for your database. 1. Connect to the MySQL Server Use th ...

  5. questionHow do I use MySQL in my website?
    You will need to request a MySQL database be setup for your account: http://www.lexiconn.com/secure/additional.html Once your MySQL database has been setup, you can start adding information to it via our web based MySQL manager (PHPMyAdmin) through the control panel. Then you'll need to integr ...

  6. questionHow do I easily download the contents of a table?
    1. Login to the MySQL database manager via the control panel. (Click here if you are not sure how to do this.) 2. Select the table you wish to download from the list on the left. 3. Select the option CSV Data under the heading View dump (schema) of table and click on the Go button.

  7. questionCan I use Microsoft Access with MySQL?
    It is possible to integrate MySQL and Microsoft Access in a static, non real-time way. MyODBC is a Windows program that allows you to either upload from Access to your MySQL database or download from MySQL into your Access database. More information on how this works can be found at phphelp.co ...

  8. questionImport Data through phpmyadmin
    It is possible to import tables to your MySQL database using phpMyAdmin if they are in .csv (or comma-separated) format. The table must already be created, the .csv file you upload must not have the column labels included, and the datatypes must match the datatype definitions of your MySQL colu ...

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