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Overview of MySQL
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27th of June, 2008

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MySQL is a type of database that was designed to be easier to use than most other types of databases. It is also built for scalability. MySQL is available with any type of account at no additional cost. To have a new database installed on your account, go to https://lexiconn.com/lexiconn/secure/add_mysql.html and select MySQL from the pulldown menu.

To access the mysql server, you can use third party software such as PHP, perl, from the Account Manager (click here to see how) or from the prompt using Telnet/SSH, type:

mysql [database_name] -p

The directory /usr/local/mysql/bin is where all of the programs you will need to access and work with your database are located.

Other mySQL Resources:

http://www.mysql.com - The Mysql Home Page, an excellent resource for more information about MySQL.

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