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Migration tips for using the new mailing list system
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6th of October, 2010

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Quick Start & New Terms
The new system has different naming conventions for sending a newsletter then the old system does. In the new system, you first create an "Email Message" under the Campaigns tab. Then you can create a Campaign and assign this campaign your email message to be sent.

Your email settings with regards to your subscribe/unsubscribe form and confirmation emails are now managed under:
Lists -> Email Confirmation Sets

This is where you can customize the contact name, email address, and content for email confirmations that a user will receive when they subscribe or unsubscribe to a list.  You can then edit a list and use this email preference for actions related to each individual list.

The Quick Start Guide can be found at:

Transition Guide & Tips

Personalize Confirmation Emails
Lists -> Email Confirmation Sets
- Set this up so your from: address on confirmation emails is personalized
- You can then assign this setting to each list

Additional Mailing List Settings
Lists -> Manage Lists -> Edit

1. Click "Additional & Advanced Settings" text near bottom
   a. Can set here for unsubscribe reason, and to get copies of sub/unsub notices if desired
2. Click "Opt-In/Opt-Out tab
   - choose email confirmation set for personalized confirmation emails
3. Click "External" tab to setup Google Analytics tracking

Custom Subscriber Fields & Actions
Lists -> Manage Subscriber Fields

- This is where you can setup custom fields for subscribers (i.e. City, birthday, etc...)

Lists -> Manage Subscriber Actions
- New Feature to have an action occur when a subscriber takes a specific action

Newsletter Content & Features

Campaigns -> Email Messages
- Email messages are the actual email contents
- You can then set up a campaign that sends a specific email message

Campaigns -> Create New Campaign -> AutoResponder
- Setup autoresponders to email subscribers after they register

Campaigns -> Create New Campaign -> Split Testing
- Compare multiple versions of a newsletter

Subscribing & Unsubscribing

Integration -> Subscription Forms

- When editing/adding a subscribe form, you can click the light brown shaded text "Form Completion Options" near the bottom for more advanced personalization.

Unsubscribe Link
- To insert an unsubscribe link in the new system, when editing your message, click the "Personalize Message" link at the top of the editor box, go to "System Personalization Tags" and choose "Unsubscribe Link".

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