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  1. questionHow can I add someone back to my list who accidentally unsubscribed?
    If someone inadvertantly unsubscribed from your mailing list, you cannot add them back in by subscribing their address, as the system already has an entry for them and it is in an unsubscribed state. In order to "re-subscribe" them, you would login to the admin interface and go to: Subscribers ...

  2. questionWhat happens if I exceed my limit of allowed emails per month?
    The system will let you exceed your limit by up to 50,000 emails in a month. If you go over your plan limit, you will be charged overages based on the number of emails you sent over your plan limit. You may upgrade your plan at any time.

  3. questionHow can I customize the unsubscribe link text?
    To make the unsubscribe link shorter and look cleaner: • Create your text (for example "Click here to unsubscribe"). • Highlight it to create a link. • Click the "Link" button in the WYSIWYG editor and put: %BASIC:UNSUBLINK% as the URL. and you're done! The next time you send ...

  4. questionDoes the mailing service work on a Mac?
    Yes, the service runs on a Mac fine if you are using the Firefox web browser. Safari is not supported.

  5. questionWhen using the wysiwyg editor, extra JavaScript gets auto inserted each time I save
    If additional JavaScript code is inserted into your mailings (or in your pages when using an embedded wysiwyg editor) check whether you have a third-party toolbar (such as Skype or Real Player) running in your browser. We've had reports of these plugins inserting JavaScript dynamically into p ...

  6. questionHow can I let my subscribers modify the details of their subscription?
    To allow users to modify the details of their subscription, simply add a "Modify Details" link to your newsletter. You do this by selecting "Insert Custom Field" and adding the field titled "Modify Details". This will generate a link in your newsletter, pointing to a dynamically generated page, ...

  7. questionHow do I copy and paste in the wysiwyg editor in Firefox
    Step 1. Type in about:config into the URL bar in your FireFox browser and press enter. Scroll down until you see the following option in the list: signed.applets.codebase_principal_support Double click that option and it will turn bold indicating that it is now on. Step 3. Go back to your HTML ...

  8. questionCan I import and export data from/to another application?
    Yes, the system allows you to import subscribers using CSV files and to also export your subscribers also in CSV format. In the 'Subscribers' drop down menu, you will see the option to "Import Subscribers" or to "Export Subscribers". Select which option you would like and follow the on-screen i ...

  9. questionWhat is the "Paste from Word" option in the wysiwyg editor?
    There are 3 paste options with the editor: Paste This is just the normal pasting option, it will paste whatever is in the clip-board. Paste As Plain-Text This strips all HTML and code from what you're pasting, and just paste the text that was copied. Paste From Word Microsoft word leaves behind ...

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