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25th of April, 2008

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phpBB is a powerful and full-featured bulletin board system. With it, you can create as many categories as you want and add as many topics in each category as you want and even add polls to topics. Your users can even use emoticons and create avatars which they can upload and message each other privately in a system which is similar to the look and feel of E-Mail.

Here is a list of just SOME of the features available to you as the administrator (for the full list visit http://www.phpbb.com/features.php):

1. Change the general configuration of the program

2. Set up new forums and categories

3. Disallow certain usernames

4. Censor words

5. Set up user authorization

6. Modify permissions of each user and assign moderator status

7. Set up emoticons

8. Enable / disable post verification

9. Add / modify banned email addresses, usernames and IP addresses

10. View the IP addresses of posters

11. Mass mail your users

12. Edit topics

13. Mass edit/delete/lock/unlock posts

14. Edit a single post

15. Cut out old or unanswered messages

Instructions for setting up phpBB from your Account Manager:

Once logged in, click the "Applications" button on the left hand menu bar, then click the "Forums" link, and then click "phpBB2". Where it says Enter Name of Base Directory to be created in your www directory: you will need to enter the name of the directory in which you want your bulletin board. For example, if you entered discussion, your bulletin board would be located at


Next you will be brought to a page with a link that says "Click here to complete installing your board". Go ahead and click that link which will take you to a page titled "Welcome to phpBB 2 Installation"

From here, there are several fields which ask for information but only four of them need to be filled out by you. They are:

1. Admin Email Address:

Enter your email address. This is used as the From: address in any mass mails that you send to your users as well as the contact link on your bulletin board.

2. Administrator Username:

Pick a username to use as the administrator. This is used to log in to the Administrator's Control Panel to change settings and modify content.

3. Administrator Password:

Pick a password to correspond with your administor username.

Administrator Password [ Confirm ]:

Re-type the password you chose.

NOTE: Any options NOT listed above should be left alone!!!

Once you have filled in the above information, click "Start Install", then on the next page, click "Finish Installation". This will take you directly to the Administrator Control Panel. In the three links below, you will find extensive documentation how to use your Administrator Control Panel as well as how to operate the bulletin board itself.

http://www.phpbb.com/support/guide/ - Full user guide / documentation

http://www.phpbb.com/kb/categories.php - Knowledge base featuring articles submitted by the phpBB team and users of phpBB

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