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How To Permanantly Block Specific E-Mail Addresses
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19th of May, 2008

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The spam protection system offered at LexiConn includes a "Blacklist" which allows you to add E-Mail addresses which you know for a fact are spammers or other persons who may be offensive. This document details how to view, add and remove addresses on this list. For information on purchasing spam protection, visit:

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. Click the "Email Options" button on the left side of the page.

3. Click the "Spam / Virus" tab at the top.

4. Where it says "POP Box:", use the pulldown menu to select the POP Box who's Blacklist you would like to configure.

5. Click the blue "Select" button.

6. Click the "Add to Blacklist" link under the "Spam Options" list. If you only want to view your Whitelist, or if you wish to remove certain addresses from it, click "View / Delete Blacklist".

7. In the text box that appears on this page, enter the E-Mail addresses that you wish to add to the Blacklist. You may include as many addresses as you wish, just make sure you only include one address per line. You can also blacklist an entire domain by using an '*' as a wildcard, such as:


which would add any address from yahoo.com to your blacklist.

8. Click the blue "Add Addresses" button and you're done. You may come back later and add more addresses if you need to.

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