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  1. questionHow To Get Junk Mail Filtering
    LexiConn offers an Advanced spam and virus protection system for a small monthly fee that can protect all of your POP boxes for your web hosting account. The software uses a combination of rules, genetic algorithms, learning filters, real time black list checking, and forged header detection fu ...

  2. questionTip: Disable the CATCH_ALL for less junk email/spam
    As spammers get more and more aggressive, the amount of junk email continues to rise exponentially. Recent reports state that 70-80% of all email traffic is now spam or unsolicited junk email. With this large amount of junk being sent to email boxes, one thing you can do to help cut down on thi ...

  3. questionHow to configure your spam and virus protection
    This article details how to use your account manager to configure spam protection to your liking once you have purchased it for your account. These options include how aggressively you want message filtering to be applied and what to do when messages are marked as spam as well as several other ...

  4. questionHow To Add Trusted Addresses To Your Whitelist
    The "Whitelist" is a list of trusted addresses who will never be mistaken for spammers. It is useful to add your business associates, friends, and family to this list. This document details how to view, add and remove addresses on this list. For information on purchasing spam protection, visit: ...

  5. questionHow To Permanantly Block Specific E-Mail Addresses
    The spam protection system offered at LexiConn includes a "Blacklist" which allows you to add E-Mail addresses which you know for a fact are spammers or other persons who may be offensive. This document details how to view, add and remove addresses on this list. For information on purchasing sp ...

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