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How to set up E-Mail autoresponders
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20th of January, 2011

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The LexiConn E-Mail system has the feature of allowing you to create E-Mail autoresponders. When mail is sent to an address which is specified as an autoresponder, the sender receives an automated message which was set up ahead of time such as an out of office reply or acknowledgement of message received. You have the option of having the original E-Mail be deleted, having it end up in the POP Box (the autoresponder itself), having it forwarded to another address entirely, or have it forwarded to multiple other addresses.

How to set up and configure autoresponders

1. Log in to your Account Manager

2. Click the "E-Mail Options" tab on the left hand side of the page

3. The "Email Aliases" tab at the top should already be selected. This is indicated by the tab being the color white and the phrase "Email Aliases" appearing as a link (having underlined text).

4. Click the orange "Add" button if you are adding a new E-Mail address that you also want to have an autoresponse or click "Edit" if you want to edit an existing E-Mail address to add an autoresponse to it.
  • If you are editing an alias, change the "Goes To" drop down to the _AUTORESPONDER_ option and click the orange "Save" button.
  • If you are adding an alias, the screen will look similar to this:

Account Manager Email Alias Setup


This is where you enter the name of the autoresponder. If you enter the name 'auto' the alias will be auto@your_domain.com.

Goes To: 

Pull down the menu under this section and select the _AUTORESPONDER_ option.


Leave this section blank.

Once you've configured the fields above, click the orange "Add Alias" button.

5.  Upon saving the alias, you will be brought to a page where you need to specify options for your autoresponder. Click below to view a sample:

View Sample Page

Below is each option, what it means, and what to enter.

Original Email To:

This specifies where the original E-Mail (the message which was sent to the autoresponder) will end up.

_TRASH_ All mail sent to this autoresponder will be instantly deleted by the system.
_BOUNCE_ Bounces any messages sent to this autoresponder back to the sender with an error. The mail sent to this alias will be deleted.
_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ Have the mail sent to this autoresponder forwarded to a specific E-Mail address (which you specify in the box to the right).
_MULTIPLE_ Have this autoresponder forward the mail which it receives to multiple E-Mail addresses. For example you could have all mail that is sent to auto@your_domain.com forwarded to john@some_place.com AND steve@some_other_place.com.

Below those options are all of the POP Boxes which you have set up. Selecting one of these will cause the mail sent to this alias to end up at the selected address:


This section is where you enter information which corresponds to any options you specified in the "Original Email To" section. You only need to do this if you selected _EMAIL_ADDRESS_ or _MULTIPLE_ (please use full email addresses). If you selected _TRASH_ or _BOUNCE_ you can leave this blank.

If you selected _EMAIL_ADDRESS_, simply enter the E-Mail address you wish to have the alias go to. For instance, if you set up the alias as the name bill and you enter bill@some_provider.com then all email which is sent to bill@your_domain.com will be re-directed to bill@some_provider.com

If you selected _MULTIPLE_, enter the E-Mail addresses please separate each with a comma:
bill@some_place.com,john@some_place.com,steve@some_other_place.com. If you set up the alias as the name bill, these addresses will all receive mail sent to bill@your_domain.com

"Response: Enter the response you want sent back in the textbox below. Only use hard returns with the "Enter" key if you need a line break."

In this box underneath this, enter the automatic response that you want to be E-Mailed when someone sends a message.

Subject: If you wish to have the autoresponse send back a specific Subject line, enter it in the field below. If left blank, the subject will contain the original sender's subject (i.e. Subject: Autoresponse Re: [original subject])."

In the box underneath this, enter the subject of the automatic response.

7. Click the orange "Make Changes" button at the bottom and you're done.

You may come back to the Autoresponders section of the Account Manager at any time to change the configuration of existing autresponders.

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