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  1. questionLexiConn E-mail Settings
    LexiConn now has a centralized location to get your e-mail and e-mail application settings! LexiConn E-mail Settings Simply enter your email address then click "Get Settings" Then choose an email application to get specific setup instructions: Each application has a link to a summary ...

  2. questionOverview of the LexiConn E-Mail System
    All of LexiConn's webhosting packages include the ability to receive email at your domain name through a full featured email system. You can choose to setup POP boxes on our servers, or have email sent to your domain forwarded to an off-network email address that you have, e.g. your_name@yahoo. ...

  3. questionSetting up a new E-Mail Account (POP Box)
    Adding an E-Mail Address Via The Account Manager 1. Log in to your Account Manager 2. Click the "E-Mail Options" button on the left-hand side of the page 3. Click the "POP Boxes" tab at the top 4. Click the orange "Add" button. You will be brought to a form which asks you to specify the followi ...

  4. questionRemotely Accessing / Sending E-Mail (settings)
    Below are the general settings that any E-Mail program will need in order for you to send and receive E-Mail. POP3 Host: your_domain.com SMTP Host: your_domain.com Username: Your user ID or POP3 account name (if you have multiple POP boxes). Password: The password you chose for your account (or ...

  5. questionHow to delete a POP box / Change POP box password
    1. Log in to your Account Manager: http://www.lexiconn.com/clients/login.html 2. Click the "Email Options" button on the left side of the page. 3. Click the "POP Boxes" tab at the top. 4. To delete a POP Box, click the orange "Delete" button that corresponds to the POP Box you want deleted. ...

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