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  1. questionHow to access Webmail from your Account Manager
    One of the two ways you can access your Webmail is through the Account Manager. To find WebMail from the Account Manager, do the following: 1. Log in to your Account Manager   2. Click the "Email Options" button on the left hand side of the page.                                 3. Click the " ...

  2. questionWhat to do your first time logging in to WebMail
    The first time you log in to WebMail, you will be asked to set some initial configurations and preferences. This walk-through shows step-by-step what each option is and what you should enter. After logging in the first time, read the welcome message and click the grey "Continue" button. You wil ...

  3. questionWebmail Login Problems
    If you are unable to login to webmail due to the following error: Your request didn't contain the proper sessionid cookie -- access denied! your account may be over quota or your browser may not be allowing cookies from the server (which webmail requires to function properly). You can check th ...

  4. questionHow To Set The 'From:' Field and Your Name in Open Webmail
    Once logged into WebMail, go to "Pref" in the top menu and select "Edit Froms" in the top menu on the Preferences page. From this page you can edit your From: address and Real Name, or add another address to use when composing an outgoing message through the web.

  5. questionHow to delete a contact in the address book in webmail
    To delete a contact or group of contacts from your Webmail addressbook: 1. Check the checkbox in the To column for the contacts you would like to delete: 2. Select -DELETE- from the dropdown box above the table of contacts: 3. Click the Move button to delete the selected contacts:

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