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Setting up a new E-Mail Account (POP Box)
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19th of May, 2008

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Adding an E-Mail Address Via The Account Manager

1. Log in to your Account Manager

2. Click the "E-Mail Options" button on the left-hand side of the page

3. Click the "POP Boxes" tab at the top

4. Click the orange "Add" button. You will be brought to a form which asks you to specify the following three options:

POP Box Name:

Enter the name of the E-Mail address. This will also be the username when you are logging in to check its mail. For example, if you enter the name sales and your domain name is your_domain.com then the E-Mail address would come out to be sales@your_domain.com and you would use sales as the username to log in and check its mail.

NOTE: Do not enter your domain name or the @ symbol in this box, ONLY enter the first part of the E-Mail address.

POP Password:

Enter the password you wish to apply to this E-Mail account. This is used in conjunction with the POP Box Name (username) to check its mail.

NOTE: It is best not to use names or dictionary words as passwords. The best passwords include combinations of letters and numbers.

POP Password (Again):

Re-type the same password. This is to make certain that your desired password is set.

6. Click the orange "Add Pop" button. If everything was set up correctly, you will see a page confirming the success of the POP Box creation.

It is important to note that on a shared hosting system, each POP box username must be a unique name, regardless of the domain.

If you are attempting to create a POP box and you receive the message that the POP box "is not available", there is an easy fix:

Create a variation of the name you would like to use (such as sales03 instead of sales) and then set up an email alias to direct mail sent to sales@yourdomain.com to go to the POP box sales03.

In your email program (such as Outlook or Eudora), you can still set the email address to sales@yourdomain.com, but you would set the Account Login / Username to sales03 using the example above.

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