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How to set up E-Mail aliases / forwarding addresses
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19th of September, 2008

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The LexiConn E-Mail system allows you to set up E-Mail aliases so that mail to one address is forwarded to another. For example, let’s say you have an existing E-Mail address with your internet provider and you want to use your domain name for a sales E-Mail address but still want to continue using your current address you could have all of the mail that is sent to sales@your_domain.com forwarded to yourcurrentemail@your_provider.com.

How to set up E-Mail aliases

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. Click the "E-Mail Options" button on the left hand side of the page.

3. The "Email Aliases" tab at the top should already be selected. This is indicated by the tab being the color white and the phrase "Email Aliases" appearing as a link (having underlined text).

Account Manager Email Alias

4. Click the orange "Add" button.

5. You will be brought to a page asking you to specify three options:

This is where you enter the name of the E-Mail alias. If you enter the name 'bill' the alias will be bill@your_domain.com.

Goes To

The pulldown menu in this section has several options. Below is a list of each option and what it means.

_TRASH_ All mail sent to this alias will be instantly deleted by the system.
_BOUNCE_ Bounces any messages sent to this alias back to the sender with an error. The mail sent to this alias will be deleted.
_EMAIL_ADDRESS_ Have the mail sent to this alias forwarded to a specific E-Mail address (which you specify in the box to the right).
_AUTORESPONDER_ Have anyone who sends mail to this alias get an automated response. The mail sent to this alias will be deleted or forwarded to another address. Information on setting up Autoresponders can be found here.
_MULTIPLE_ Have this alias forward its mail to multiple E-Mail addresses. For example you could have all mail that is sent to bill@your_domain.com forwarded to john@some_place.com AND steve@some_other_place.com.

Below these options are all of the POP Boxes which you have set up. Selecting one of these will cause the mail sent to this alias to end up at the selected address. This is how you would work around the issue mentioned in this second paragraph of this document.


This section is where you enter information which corresponds to any options you specified in the "Goes To" section. You only need to do this if you selected _EMAIL_ADDRESS_ or _MULTIPLE_. If you selected _EMAIL_ADDRESS_, simply enter the E-Mail address you wish to have the alias go to. For instance, if you set up the alias as the name bill and you enter bill@some_provider.com then all email which is sent to bill@your_domain.com will be re-directed to bill@some_provider.comIf you are redirecting an alias to _TRASH_, _BOUNCE_, _AUTORESPONDER_, or one specific POP box, leave this section blank. If you are redirecting to multiple addresses, please separate each with a comma and use the full email address for each:


If you selected _AUTORESPONDER_, you can find information on configuring autoresponder settings here.

You may come back to the Email Aliases section of the Account Manager at any time to edit the configuration of existing aliases.

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