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Overview of Wusage
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5th of March, 2008

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Wusage is available to all clients. It is a powerful program that is run once a day around 6 AM ET. It generates web pages that provide a graphical representation of the amount of hits you have received with a wide variety of reports and options.

You may access it for your website at:


(replacing your_domain.com with your own domain name).
You may also access your stats from the control panel.

Wusage is run automatically nightly. It compiles results for each past week, and saves all of these reports for future reference. If for some reason your account does not have a wusage directory, contact us and we will make sure it is installed properly. The file wusage.conf in your wusage directory is the config file for the program. This can be edited to customize the reports. If you want to add referrer stats, contact us and we can set that up for your account.

For an example of Wusage, visit:


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