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  1. questionOverview of Wusage
    Wusage is available to all clients. It is a powerful program that is run once a day around 6 AM ET. It generates web pages that provide a graphical representation of the amount of hits you have received with a wide variety of reports and options. You may access it for your website at: http://ww ...

  2. questionWhat do all the terms mean in my Wusage statistics?
    Wusage Terms: http://www.boutell.com/wusage/8.0/definitions.html Wusage page explanations: http://www.boutell.com/wusage/8.0/interpreting.html

  3. questionHow can I track access to my CGI programs and other dynamic pages?
    In Wusage, look at the highly useful CGI Parameters and Values report, this is applicable to all types of dynamic pages, including PHP, ASP, etc.

  4. questionTotal Hits From Accesses By Site Don't Add Up to Equal Total Home Page Visits
    Visits and accesses are very different things. An access (accesses and hits are synonymous terms) is a single fetch of any object on your site. A visit is an entire user session, made up of many accesses (usually). Also, home page visits (visits touching on your home page) would not be expe ...

  5. questionHow can I see more than the default ten top stats?
    The default display of ten items in the Wusage "top stats" sections is set in a server-side configuration file and can be changed on request. If you would like this setting changed, send an email with your domain name and the number of items you would like to display in your "top stats" section ...

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