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Overview of Raw Logs and Access Log Software
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5th of March, 2008

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LexiConn offers several different methods with which you can analyze the traffic coming to your web site.

We offer raw text logs which are generated by the web server itself. We also provide web software which breaks down the raw text logs into a format that is easy to interpret.

The programs which are included with all accounts are:

1.  Wusage
2.  Analog
3.  wwwstat

We also offer the powerful Urchin software, which is an extremely user-friendly statistics program. The regular Urchin software is $5 per month, whereas the Urchin Ecommerce module is $15 per month. The Urchin Ecommerce module is linked with ShopSite Pro to give you powerful statistics about who is purchasing products from you and where they are coming from. This powerful tool will assist you in analyzing how well your marketing and advertising is working for you.

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