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Overview of wwwstat
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26th of February, 2008

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wwwstat is a web site statistics program that is run each night for all accounts. It creates a complete html page that logs and displays the total amount of data transferred as well as the types of access and what pages were accessed. This data is saved in a directory called "logs" off of your www directory. The html file is named usage.html. This data is summarized for the entire month, and keeps a running total of hits that are averaged over the month as well as daily stats.

To access wwwstat go to: http://www.your_domain.com/logs/usage.html (simply replacing your_domain.com with your own domain name).

If you do not have a usage.html file in your logs directory after a few days, contact us and we will make sure it is set up properly.

Additionally, on the 1st of each month, a summary webpage will be created for the past month. It will be named the three-letter abbreviation of the month followed by .html (ex., for the month of January, the file would be called Jan.html) These files will also be located in the logs directory.
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