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Why do I get permission errors in ShopSite after using FTP to upload new image folders?
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11th of August, 2008

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If you use FTP to upload images to your server you may experience occasional problems with permissions if you are not careful about setting them properly when uploading because ShopSite and your FTP user run as separate users with separate permissions.

(See http://support.lexiconn.com/kb3/questions/202/Unix+%7B47%7D+Linux+Permissions for an overview of permissions on a Linux / Unix system)

If you follow these guidelines when uploading images to ShopSite you will not have a problem with permissions:

1. If you create new directories for your images with the ShopSite media directory, Do Not create them in ShopSite or you will not be able to set directory permissions so that FTP can access the directory. If you have already created a directory in ShopSite, don't worry, you can contact us to reset the directory ownership to your FTP user.

2. Do not FTP images outside of ShopSite's media directory, or ShopSite will be unable to access / manage them.

3. Alway create new directories through FTP and set the permissions on the directory to 777. This will allow both FTP and ShopSite to write to and read from the directory.

4. After uploading your images through FTP, login to your BackOffice, select the group of images you've just uploaded, then click "Reset Attributes".

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