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Gift Certificate Module Overview
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1st of October, 2012

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The Gift Certificate Creation Module allows you to generate bulk Mail or Email gift certificates in ShopSite. You will be able to generate certificates using any of the options you can select when generating individual gift certificates in ShopSite.

Step 1 - Gift Certificate Type

Gift Certificate Module Step 1 Image

Gift Certificate Type

You will start by selecting the whether you will generate Email or Mail (printable) gift certificates. If you select email gift certificates, bear in mind that they will be emailed to the recipients when they are generated. Mail gift certificates will be printable and may omit the To or From fields, in case you would like to generate printed gift certificates in determined amounts to distribute to customers. If either the Email or Mail gift certificate type is disabled in ShopSite, a checkbox will appear allowing you to enable the gift certificate type before proceeding.

Global/Unique Fields

Next, you will select which fields in your gift certificates will be Unique, or different for each gift certificate, and which fields will be Global, or the same for all of the gift certificates. The unique fields must be set using a tab-delimited upload containing the values for each unique field. The global fields can be set in Step 2 of the module. Email fields must be unique, and are required for Email gift certificates.

Step 2 - Gift Certificate Details

Gift Certificate Module Step 2 Image

Recipient Information

Enter the global values, or the values that are the same for all gift certificates in the Recipient Information section

Upload Fields

Create a tab-delimited file containing the remaining fields specified in the Upload Fields section, if relevant. You must include a header row with fields that correspond to the name of each column. If you are generating Mail gift certificates with all global fields, you will not see the Upload Fields section, and instead select the number of gift certificates you would like to generate:

Gift Certificate Module Step 2 Image

Step 3 - Confirm Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Module Step 3 Image

The confirmation page will display the number of gift certificates and the gift certificate type in the table header and list a summary of each gift certificate to be generated in the table. The Message field will display a brief summary of each message, and you may expand any row to review the full message by clicking on the plus sign to the right of each row.

After reviewing the gift certificate you are about to generate, click the Generate Gift Certificates button to generate the certificates. When generating Email gift certificates, a warning will be displayed in table footer reminding you that gift certificates will be emailed to the recipients when you generate the certificates.

Step 4 - Generate Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Module Step 4 Image

The gift certificates will be generated. If you are generating a larger batch, this may take some time to complete. After the certificates have been generated, a list of gift certificates that were processed will be displayed in the window. If a gift certificate id is displayed for each you can be sure that they were generated successfully.

If you are generating Mail gift certificates, you will have the option to print them directly from the module using the Print Gift Certificates button at the bottom of the window. Please note that this will use the template you have assigned for Gift Certificates in ShopSite, and output the certificates to your printer one-per-page. The module attempts to hide the ShopSite-generated Print button on each certificate; however, if you have an custom Gift Certificate template with an unusual layout, it may be unsuccessful. If you see the Print buttons in the print preview, do not print the certificates from the module as they will be included in your printout.

Gift Certificate Module Step 4 Image

Printable Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate Module Step 4 Image

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