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How do I obtain my own SSL certificate?
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20th of August, 2008

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Every advanced, resold, and Shopsite account includes the use of a shared SSL certificate found on the server. The shared certificate offers the same functionality as your own certificate would, only the URL changes to the URL of the server on secure pages. Generally, people choose to have their own certificate for branding reasons, as the URL remains the same on secure pages when you have your own SSL certificate.

If you wanted to purchase your own SSL certificate, you have two options:

1. Purchase your SSL Certificate through LexiConn - We are partnered with GeoTrust, a leading SSL provider, who fulfills all of our secure certificates. If you are interested in this option, please go to http://www.lexiconn.com/services/secure_certificates.html to see the types of certificates available. After deciding which certificate you would like, simply click on the link titled 'Order a GeoTrust secure certificate'.

2. Purchase a secure certificate from a provider other than GeoTrust - If you would like to pursue this option, simply send an email to support@lexiconn.com and we will generate the CSR that is necessary for you to complete the application process. Once they have fulfilled your order, forward us the email from them containing the certificate file and we will install it on the server. There is no extra charge for this service.

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