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Overview of SSL
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19th of September, 2008

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SSL certificates are essential for encrypting sensitive data such as credit card numbers, email addresses, and other identifying information passed to your server. SSL certificates also provide "proof of ownership" to the user entering his or her personal information on your site.

Access to the secure server is included with the Advanced account type as well as with all ShopSite accounts. There are two options for you to use in regards to the secure server:

1. Utilize the shared SSL installed on the server hosting your account

(i.e. https://sharedserver.secure-host.com/youraccount)

2. Purchase a digital certificate for your domain

(i.e. https://www.your_domain.com/).

Investing in your own SSL certificate can increase consumer confidence in your site as your URL does not change to another domain on secure pages; and, the digital certificate provides third-party confimation that you are in fact the owner of the site. Furthermore, integrating tools such as Google Analytics with your site becomes far more difficult if your secure pages are called through another domain (as with the shared certificate).

For information on purchashing a digital certificate, visit:

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