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ShopSite Product Database Upload Procedure
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11th of August, 2008

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I.  Before attempting to upload your changes, back up your database.  This will allow you to roll back your site to its current state should something go wrong with your database upload.

1. In your backoffice, go to Utilities->Database and click on the "Backup" button, then click "Proceed".
2. You should see a green "Backup completed successfully." message.  If so, click "Done" to return to the previous screen.  If not, do not attempt to upload any changes, and contact Lexiconn support.

II. When you have finished editing your database in Excel:

1. (on a Windows Machine) open Notepad (Start->All Programs->Accessories->Notepad)
2. In your  Excel table, select all of the cells of data you will be uploading, copy them, then paste them into Notepad.
3. In Notepad, click "File->Save As" and save it as a text file (.txt) to a location where you can easily find it.

III. Upload the file to your ShopSite Database:

1. Go to Utilities->Database->Upload.
2. Make sure "Products" is selected.
3. Click the "Upload" button
4. Click the "Browse" button next to the "Desktop File" text box and select the database file you just saved in Notepad.
5. Click "Proceed".
6. In many cases a red warning will appear next to "Match Upload Fields": "Warning: There are unmatched upload fields."  Click the link under this warning ("Click here to match database fields to fields in your data.").
7. For all unmatched fields, select the ShopSite field that correspond with your upload field.  If you don't want to upload this field, set it to "(ignore)".  When you have finished, click "Save" to return to the previous page.
8. In the "Unique product identifier" dropdown box, select Name if your names are the unique identifier for your products, or select SKU if your skus are unique.
9. Next to "New products" select whether you want to Add or Ignore any new products in your upload.
10. Click the "Upload File" link and upload your database.

IV. If anything goes wrong in the upload process you can roll back your database:
1. Go to Utilities->Database->Upload.
2. Click on the "Restore" button
3. If you only uploaded Products, click on the "Restore only the Pages and Products data (tables)." radio button, then click "Proceed".
4. You should receive a green "The database was successfully restored." message when it has completed.

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