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How do I use or learn more about custom templates?
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10th of September, 2008

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Custom Templates in ShopSite give you the most flexiblity for creating the look you desire, while coupling the power and ease of use of ShopSite. Once a template is in place, if you add a product, change a product, or delete a product, all you need to do is press the "Publish" button and your changes are made to your store.

Custom Templates consist of 2 parts: The Page Template, and the Product Template. The Product Template defines how a product will be displayed in a store page. The Page Template is what defines how the entire page will look, where links will be, where products will be placed, etc...

You can find a great tutorial on getting started with Custom Templates by going to http://www.shopsite.com/help/ and clicking the appropriate link which corresponds to the version of ShopSite which you are running. From there, expand the "Customizing ShopSite" menu by clicking the + symbol (this will be located in a list on the left-hand side of the page). Next, expand the "Change the Look of Your Store" menu, then expand the "Create Custom Templates" menu. Inside this section is a tutorial of ShopSite templates as well as a list of all of the custom template tags.

You can also find video tutorials on many back office operations at:

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