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Credit Card Processing in ShopSite
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18th of July, 2008

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In order to process credit cards in ShopSite, you will need to open up a few accounts in the name of your business (or use existing accounts that you already have).

• The first one is a business checking account with your local bank. This is where the money will ultimately end up from orders placed in your store.

• The second account is a merchant account, which is required in order to accept credit cards. This account processes credit card payments, and deposits the funds into your checking account, minus any fees.

• The third account is what is known as a payment gateway. This gateway provides the connection between the internet and the secure banking and credit card networks. Without this gateway, you will be unable to process charges in realtime, and would have to manually input the charges into your merchant account.

Once you have these accounts set up, all you have to do is enter in your gateway account information into your ShopSite backoffice under Commerce Setup -> Payment.

Credit card processing requires several steps, the first of which is authorizing a purchase. In order to authorize a purchase, the customer types their information into your ShopSite checkout screen. ShopSite then sends this information to your gateway, who then sends this information to the banking network. The gateway receives either an authorization or a transaction declined message from the network. The payment gateway then passes this information back to ShopSite, whereupon ShopSite will display a receipt to the customer, or an error message if the transaction was declined. This entire procedure is solely for obtaining approval for a credit card purchase, and no money actually changes hands at this point in time.

In order to have funds change hands, you will go through the capture and settle process. The capture is the request by a merchant for funds that were previously authorized. Settling is the actual transfer of funds from the credit card issuing bank to your merchant account, which typically takes a couple of days. To start this process, you would login to your ShopSite backoffice, select one or more orders that have shipped and click the Bill Orders button. ShopSite then sends the capture request to the payment gateway, who sends it to the banking network. The banks that issued the credit cards then transfer the funds to your merchant account, whereupon it is transferred to your local bank account. You now have access to these funds at your local bank.

If you are interested in signing up for a merchant account or a payment gateway, please visit:

You can find more information on credit card processing in ShopSite from the ShopSite help docs:

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