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My payment gateway is down. What can I do to accept payments until they are back up and running?
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8th of July, 2009

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If your payment gateway is down you will be unable to process orders unless you change credit card processing to manual mode in ShopSite. If done properly, this will allow you to process orders without any problem until your gateway's service is restored.

Here is the procedure for switching credit card processing in ShopSite to manual, and the procedure for re-enabling your gateway once they are able to process orders.

Steps to Take When Your Gateway is Down

1. Make sure ShopSite is set up to store credit cards:

In your Back Office, go to Orders->Security->Credit Card Storage and make sure you have "Symmetric encryption (default)" selected. If not, change this setting to "Symmetric encryption" and save the changes.

ShopSite Credit Card Storage Image

Warning: If you set credit card processing to manual with Credit Card Storage set to "Do not store Credit Cards" all orders will be processed, but you will receive no credit card numbers to process.

2. Switch you credit card processor to "Manual" processing:

In your Back Office, go to Commerce Setup->Payment, scroll down to the "Processor" section, and select "manual (off-line)", then save the changes.

ShopSite Credit Card Processor

3. Process your orders through your gateway's virtual terminal (accessed by logging in to your account on your gateway's server).

You may retrive order information in bulk by downloading and viewing your orders in Excel (Orders->Download Orders - select "Simple tab-delimited text file format", set "Download fields" to "All Fields", and select ".xls" in the "File type (extension)" drop-down box).

If you require the CVV2 code to process your credit card transactions you will need to make certain you save this code when you first view or download each new order since it is purged by ShopSite after you have viewed or downloaded a new order and cannot be retrieved.

ShopSite Credit Card Processor

Warning: Make sure that you have downloaded all of the orders that were processed in manual mode before changing your "Credit Card Storage" preferences

Steps to Take When Your Gateway is Online Again

1. Switch your credit card processor back to your gateway:

In your Back Office, go to Commerce Setup->Payment, scroll down to the "Processor" section, and select your gateway.

2. Enable "Display Error Details":

Click on "Configure Processor", check the "Display Error Details" box, then click "Save Changes" on this screen and on the previous (Payment) screen.

3. Place a test order and make certain that your gateway is processing orders without any problems.

4. If your test order is processed without any issues and you had previously selected not to store credit card information, you may now change back to that setting in Orders->Security->Credit Card Storage.

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