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Overview of ShopSite
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14th of August, 2008

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is a commercial, web-based shopping cart system designed for small to medium-sized businesses. ShopSite is considered one of the easiest-to-setup ecommerce platforms and is flexible enough to accomodate both beginners and experienced web developers in the same package.

Easy to Use, Completely Customizable

A beginner could have their products up online in as little as fifteen minutes using built-in ShopSite templates. With a little HTML knowledge and an understanding of ShopSite's templating system, you could create virtually limitless designs for your online store; and, virtually every aspect of your store can be customized

Search Engine Friendly

ShopSite gives you the power to set the filename and title of any of your product pages to whatever you would like, and the ability to add custom meta tags to every page on your site. More importantly, ShopSite generates static HTML pages that can be indexed with ease by search engine spyders. ShopSite offers automated Google integration, adding your Google analytics code to every page on your site (if you configure it) and automatically handling cross-domain tracking. ShopSite also automatically generates Google Sitemaps for your site, and can generate and submit your data to Google Product Feeds if you have and account.

Wide Variety of Payment Methods / Gateways Supported

ShopSite supports nearly twenty payment methods from Visa / Master Card (must be supported by your gateway) to Paypal and Google Checkout, and Check, C.O.D. and Purchase Order. In terms of credit card processing gateways, you can choose from twelve different gateways, or process your transactions offline manually if you already have a terminal. If you are using a supported gateway (such as Authorize.net) you will also have the flexibility to capture the funds at the time or sale, or just authorize the transaction, and process the tranfer of funds through your ShopSite Back Office after you review the order.

Wide Variety of Shipping Methods Supported

ShopSite offers you the flexibility to set up your own shipping tables by a flat rate, by weight, or by currency; or, to return realtime rates from either UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service (ShopSite will only return realtime rates from one of the three providers; if you are hosted with LexiConn and you have ShopSite Pro, we can install our custom module that will allow you to return realtime rates for any of the three shipping methods at the same time). You can also offer free shipping on designated items, or exclude regions from shipping based upon zip-code range.

Merchandising Tools

including customizable coupons, quantity-based discounts, gift certificates, cross-sell functionality on a product and a shopping cart level, along with a variety of other useful tools.

Database Uploads / Downloads of Pages and Products

ShopSite offers the ability to upload hundreds of products or pages at a time directly to the database, saving you hours of data entry. On a smaller scale, the ShopSite Back Office offers a feature called PowerEdit that allows you to edit multiple products at the same time, or in ShopSite Pro, perform global changes on a group of products. This makes the process of setting 2,000 products to be on sale for 10% virtually a one-click edit.
ShopSite = Security

ShopSite is a commercial shopping cart and is not an open source application. It is programmed in efficient compiled C code and its core cannot be decoded or altered by hackers. This provides you with an extra level of security compared top open source solutions who freely offer the complete source code of their product to anyone in the general public.

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