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Can I view credit card numbers in ShopSite when using a payment gateway?
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11th of August, 2008

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By default the card numbers are not viewable to prevent a printed order from containing a customer's credit card if you are using a payment gateway. Note that if you process your orders manually, the card number will be visible. You can also perform an Order Download and it will contain the full credit card number.

If you need to be able to see the actual credit card number when viewing an order in the backoffice, and you use a realtime payment gateway with ShopSite, let us know, and we can adjust the settings in ShopSite manually to allow the card numbers to be viewable.

The CVV2 will not be viewable at any time if you are using a realtime payment gateway, as it is against Visa/Mastercard rules to keep this value stored in a database. In "manual" mode, CVV2 values will be automatically deleted after they have been viewed one time to comply with Visa/MC PCI rules.

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