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  1. Import SKU / Product Name informationImport SKU / Product Name information
    ...into the review module. Alternatively, if you are running ShopSite 7.1 or higher, you can perform a database download of the products database, and only include the 2 fields, save this file to your co...

  2. Admin SettingsAdmin Settings
    ...f): This field should be set to '1', so that the module is synchronized with your ShopSite products database. Shopsite product pages document root: This is your ShopSite output directory (...

  3. Order Status Module DocumentationOrder Status Module Documentation
    ... site via an order API script. This data is then inserted into the Order Status module via a MySQL database. You can login and update each order with current status, tracking numbers, and comments t...

  4. Integrating the Order Status Module with ShopSite Customer RegistrationIntegrating the Order Status Module with ShopSite Customer Registration
    ...e to log in as a ShopSite customer and reorder any previous order stored in your Orderstatus Module database.

  5. Can I import and export data from/to another application?Can I import and export data from/to another application?
    ...to process the file and import the contacts Remember that if you are importing users into your database and you have custom fields that you will have to set these fields up before attempting to i...

  6. ShopSite Search Autocomplete Module OverviewShopSite Search Autocomplete Module Overview
    ...be effective on all of your pages. The module uses product data that is synchronized with ShopSite databases automatically once each day. If you make substantial changes to ShopSite and would like t...

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