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Why are some of my customers getting blank receipts?
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6th of November, 2009

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Customers may receive blank email receipts for a couple of reasons:

1. You have enabled HTML receipts but are using a custom Shopping Cart template that does not define an HTML email receipt template - this will likely result in blank email receipts for all of your customers

- To see if you have HTML receipts enabled, go to Commerce Setup->Order System->Thank You and see if the "Customer E-mail Receipt in HTML format" checkbox is checked. If HTML email receipts is enabled and you do not want to troubleshoot a custom template, you can simply disable HTML email receipts. Otherwise, you can follow the directions below to make sure your Shopping Cart template has the appropriate HTML email template section.

2. You have not enabled HTML receipts; however, you have enabled customer registration and are allowing customers to select their preferred email format and you are using a custom Shopping Cart template that does not define an HTML email receipt template - this will result in blank email receipts only for registered customers who select HTML email format when registering

- To check if Customer Registration is enabled, go to Commerce Setup->Customer Registration->Configure and check value of the "Customer Registration:" radio button. If customer registration is enabled and you would like to continue to allow customers to register, you will need to follow the instructions below to make sure your Shopping Cart template has the appropriate section to define the template for HTML email receipts.

Checking your Shopping Cart Template for the HTML Email Template Section

ShopSite generates HTML email receipts based upon a section of the Shopping Cart template you have selected. If you are not using a custom template, there is no reason you should be generating blank receipts; however, if you are using a custom shopping cart template, the section that defines the template for HTML email receipts may be missing, resulting in blank email receipts.

To see which template you are using as a shopping cart template, you can go to Commerce Setup->Order System->Layout Info and find the value set by the "Shopping Cart Template:" dropdown box. You can check whether this template exists as a custom template by going to Merchandising->Custom Templates->Shopping Cart. If the template is in the list of Shopping Cart Templates, you are using a custom template.

If you are using a custom Shopping Cart template, select this template, click "Edit Template", and search for a section that begins with:

[-- DEFINE ThankYou_Email --]

If this section is missing, you will need to create it. The easiest way to remedy the problem would be:

1. In your Backoffice, go to Merchandising->Custom Templates->Shopping Cart.

2. Click on the "Copy ShopSite Template" button, select the "sc_default" template and enter any new name for your copy of this template in "File Name of the new copy", then click the "Copy" button.

3. Select your copy of the default ShopSite Shopping Cart template and click "Edit Template".

4. Find and copy the section of the template beginning with [-- DEFINE ThankYou_Email --] and ending with [-- END_DEFINE ThankYou_Email --].

5. Click "Cancel", select your custom Shopping Cart template, then click "Edit Template".

6. Go to the absolute end of your custom Shopping Cart template and paste the HTML email template section that you copied from the default ShopSite template, and save the changes.

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