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Why are my web stats in the ShopSite Reports section zero or very low?
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3rd of September, 2008

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Although ShopSite maintains accurate sales statistics, it requires access to the server's raw access logs to generate web traffic reports. Since we rotate server logs every Sunday at 2AM EST, ShopSite can no longer report web traffic data for the previous week after the logs are regenerated.

For example, around 2AM Sunday morning the access logs contain a full week of data. These logs are archived and a new, empty log file is generated. If you were to log in to your back office Monday morning, the only web traffic statistics ShopSite would be able to show would be activity since 2AM Sunday morning.

For accurate web statistics, you should look at Wusage, which can be found at:


For more extensive, user-freindly statistics we offer Urchin Statistics for an additional $5 / month (Urchin Statistics Trial - login with username:urchindemo and password:urchindemo) or ShopSite Urchin Sales Statistics Module (providing standard Urchin data and detailed revenue data) for an additional $15 / month.

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