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5th of March, 2008

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Adding a counter to your pages is quite easy. All that is needed is to add an

<img src="http://www.your_domain.com/cgi-your_domain/Count.cgi?df=name_of_file">

tag in your page that calls the counter script.

As an example, this page has been accessed

times so far.

The Count.cgi script is in your personal cgi-bin dir, and writes its data files to the data dir off of your www directory. The configuration file can be found in your home directory.

This counter program is quite powerful, allowing you to have the same counter on multiple pages, change the color of the digits or border, change the style of the counter, show a digital clock, change how many digits are shown, etc...

The Examples Page demonstrates some of the features of this counter.

For more information on this counter, please refer to:


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