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  1. questionOverview of FTP
    FTP is the protocol used to transfer files from your computer to your web site that can be more efficient because it allows you to upload multiple files at the same time as well as entire directories. In order to use the FTP protocol to connect to your server, you should install an FTP client ...

  2. questionImportant Overview of FTP Transfer Modes
    You must transfer files in the correct mode in order for your scripts and pages to work properly. The two modes are Ascii and Binary (or "raw" for Mac users). ASCII: Perl scripts and html files are Ascii files, meaning they are plain text files. Any file that you can view normally with a tex ...

  3. questionConnecting to FTP via Unix/Linux
    For Unix users, at the shell prompt, type "ftp your_domain.com" (replacing your_domain.com with your actual domain name), press Enter, and then enter in your username and password when prompted. ASCII files (text) Type ascii to make sure you are in ascii mode. Type put filename to put a file. ...

  4. questionUnix / Linux Permissions
    Unix- and Linux-based operating systems are designed to serve as multi-user environments and apply both Ownership and Permissions to every file and directory in the filesystem to ensure that file sharing can be accomplished effectively and that private files are kept private . Ownership Every f ...

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