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Important Overview of FTP Transfer Modes
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30th of May, 2008

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You must transfer files in the correct mode in order for your scripts and pages to work properly. The two modes are Ascii and Binary (or "raw" for Mac users).


Perl scripts and html files are Ascii files, meaning they are plain text files. Any file that you can view normally with a text editor such as Notepad is an Ascii file and MUST be transferred using the Ascii mode. If you transfer an html file via the binary mode, it will not prevent the page from being seen, but if you transfer a perl script via the binary mode, it will NOT work.

GIF's and JPEG's are Binary files:

MUST be transferred using the Binary Mode. If not, the files will be corrupted. Any file that looks garbled when you try to view it with a simple text editor is probably a binary file and should be transferred in binary mode. Zip and Gzip files are also binary files.

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