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    ShopSite November 2011 Newsletter

    In this Month’s Newsletter…

    * ShopSite 11 SP1 r1 Released
    * Holiday Ecommerce Tips
    * From the Blog…Mobile support, View Cart link, Top articles…

    The latest version of ShopSite is: 11 SP1 r1

    ShopSite 11 SP1 r1 Released

    ShopSite has released version 11 SP1 r1, which is a maintenance release. It corrects a number of bugs and issues in the original 11 SP1 release from last month.

    A full breakdown of all the fixes can be found in the ShopSite Knowledgebase Article:

    All ShopSite stores currently running 11 SP1 will be automatically upgraded to this r1 maintenance version over the next week.

    If you are running an older version of ShopSite, upgrade details can be found on our website at:

    Holiday Ecommerce Tips

    We can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving and of course, the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With so many people turning to the internet for shopping, armed with mobile phones, iPads, etc… it’s important to be ready and have your website optimized to maximize your sales.

    Here are a few things to think about for the 2011 Christmas season…

    1. Mobile is becoming a big deal

    Seems smartphones and mobile browsing/shopping is only getting bigger. You don’t want your mobile customers squinting and trying to make your website bigger to see what you have to sell.

    Does your site get a lot of mobile traffic? If you’re not sure, take a look at your Google Analytics browser statistics to see what percentage of visitors are using mobile devices. It may be a bigger chunk than you think.

    With the latest version of ShopSite, 11 SP1r1, ShopSite has made it easy to enable a mobile version of your site. If you have the time to test it out fully, it’s a great way to target mobile shoppers. We have a blog post all about mobile and ShopSite:

    2. Shoppers want a fast website

    With shopping comparison sites and so many places to choose from, it’s easy for a customer to click away from your site if it takes too long to load. Make sure you’ve tweaked your site to load as fast as possible.

    Another great way to speed up your site is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This distributes your images and static files across the globe, so they load quickly to any visitor in any location.

    We offer a simple CDN service( ) that speeds up your website. You do not have to do any re-work, and it’s all automated and seamlessly integrates with ShopSite. It’s a great way to enhance your website.

    3. Comparison Shopping sites

    If you’re not providing your products to a comparison site, you’re missing out on a stream of customers. The big kahuna is of course Google Product Search. This is integrated into ShopSite, and is pretty much a requirement these days.

    But what about other sites such as Amazon, Shopzilla, NexTag, etc… They also have comparison engines that a number of people use. We recommend using GoDataFeed
    ( ), a company that specializes in providing your products to all the datafeed options out there. And it seamlessly integrates with ShopSite.

    4. Watch your search queries

    What’s the easiest and most effective way to know what your customers want? See what they’re searching for! Make sure you have enabled search logging in ShopSite. Then make sure you look at this information every day (or multiple times per day)!

    Once you see what customers are finding (and more importantly what they are not finding), you can adjust search keywords, add new products, or more prominently feature popular products with a larger margin.

    Your search query data is pure gold when it comes to improving your website. Don’t miss out on this treasure trove of information.

    From the Blog…

    Lots of good ShopSite / ecommerce tips from The LexiConn Blog:

    Mobile Support in ShopSite 11 SP1 – What you need to know: All about setting up a mobile website in ShopSite.

    The View Cart Link: A few simple tips to avoid problems with your View Cart link in your store.

    Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles For October

    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Complete contact and support options can be found at:

    - The LexiConn Team

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