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    In this Month’s Newsletter…

    * ShopSite Version 12 r2 Release
    * Missing Merchant Email Notifications
    * New Add-on Module: ShipStation Integration
    * From the Blog…

    ShopSite Version 12 r2 Release
    ShopSite recently released version 12 r2 of its software. We have patched all version 12 stores with this latest maintenance release.

    The release fixes a number of small issues and bugs from the prior v12 version. A full breakdown of all the changes may be found in the ShopSite Knowledge Base.

    If you are running a version of ShopSite that is older than version 12, we highly recommend upgrading to this latest release. Full details on upgrading may be found on our ShopSite 12 Upgrade Page.

    Missing Merchant Email Notifications
    Yahoo and AOL have made a major change to their email systems that affects how emails are delivered when the “from:” email address is set to an @aol or @yahoo address. In a nutshell, if the email did not originate from an AOL or Yahoo server, it will likely be rejected if that email was sent to a major Email service like GMail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc…

    How does this impact you as a ShopSite merchant? If you forward your merchant email notifications to another service like GMail or Yahoo, and the from: address on these merchant emails is that of the customer, if that customer used an AOL or Yahoo address, you likely won’t receive the notification. This would also apply to a contact form on your website where the from: address is that of the submitter, and the email the form sends to you is forwarded to a large email provider like GMail.

    The “fix” for this is to set the from: address to an email address at your domain. This way it will not trip this new security measure being used by major email providers. The downside is you cannot simply reply to the merchant email to contact the customer. More details about this change and how to specifically fix it in ShopSite can be found in our blog.

    New Add-on Module: ShipStation Integration
    Our latest add-on module for ShopSite allows you to integrate ShipStation with your ShopSite store. ShipStation is a hosted order management system that can help with printing shipping labels and providing tracking information to your customers.

    With our add-on, new orders are automatically imported into ShipStation. Tracking information is sent back to our order status module. If you use Google Trusted, shipping status is updated for that service as well. You can read more about this module on our website:

    From the Blog…
    Here are some recent posts from The LexiConn Blog:

    ShopSite Tip – Coupon Code Pop-Up – A simple pop-up to show a coupon code.

    ShopSite Shipping With ShipStation – Integrating ShipStation with ShopSite.

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    - The LexiConn Team

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