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    Description:  Toboa Energy resources LLC is a reseller and distributor for residential and commercial applications currently serving four major industry groups.  The industries served are fluid handling that offers pumps, filtration, steam handling, process valves, tanks and supporting parts.  Solar, offering panels, mounts, inverters, batteries, controllers, converters, switches, power supplies and solar home related products.  Power Generation offering generators, transfer switches, lighting, power packs and tap boxes.  Heat Transfer offering heat exchangers, chillers, valves and cooling towers.

    Top industry brands such as Sterlco, ASCO, Winco, Pentair, Watts, Wykomar, Thermal Transfer, Exeltech, Solartech Power, MK Battery and dozens more.  Toboa Energy Resources LLC was founded in 2007 and mainly sells internet direct with huge savings on industrial products.  We are GSA, SAM’s and a small woman owned and operated business focused mainly on great companies and made in America products.

    Technologies Used:  Creating an internet business seems easy but the reality is it’s all business whether internet direct or shop keeper it requires extreme dedication an many extra hours every day just to operate.  The biggest obstacles we face are of course internet reliability, cost control, shipping and getting products in front of clients.  Huge sums of money can be spent on Google adwords, SEO and other costly marketing endeavors but for us we found that basic things like web platform up time, virus prevention, content management, were all things that were difficult when we began.  Believe it or not, just to find a web host that understood what is needed and have professionals ready to answer questions was a big obstacle and a huge deal breaker.  Service providers in foreign countries were hard to understand and did not have business urgency.

    We began by using a very basic program “Webpage Maker” but found it not to be detailed enough and eventually expanded to Woo Commerce.  Staying ranked is a huge challenge, large corporations with endless marketing budgets and staff easily keep top internet sites operating.  I think every small business really needs a few basic things:

    • Good hosting support with a secure platform and high up time.
    • Up to date GeoTrust certificates
    • Current platform based managed plugins
    • Retrievable usage data including site up time with monitoring
    • Multi scalable email system for growth.

    Advice / Tips:  The best advice I could give someone in business is go with companies that work and give reliable solid performance.  Do not let cost be the driving factor but instead quality, accessibility, knowledge first then cost.  You are or will be in business for many years and you as a developer or owner need to focus on things that make you money not on things that cost you money.  What I mean by this is that your fixed costs are rarely the reason businesses fail. Businesses fail because the leadership does not pay attention to what makes them the money or how it needs to be structured so that they can spend their $200/hour time on new clients, new potential vendors, markets and growth.

    Internet is cheap when compared to hiring salesmen, paying salaries, insurance, brick and mortar.  Lets say you spend 26 weeks building your website, getting products setup hiring an adwords company, buying computers, desks, maybe investing in inventory if needed.  Now think about what happens when everything goes perfect! Nice! Now think about your website crashing, you just lost your platform data, your site is slow, your site is intermittent, and to top it all off your site is hosted in the Philippines! Been there, done that.  It doesn’t pay.  This is how we ended up with LexiConn and believe me when I tell you everyone wants to host our site.  I get calls from all sorts of internet companies saying they will do this and be that but I know through experience that it’s rare to find good service.  Stick with the best platform service provider you can find.

    One more thing and this is extremely valid.  YOUR website should always be within your control.  In other words your SEO company should not control your server, you should.  The reason for this is purely business, if you fall out of love with your web designer, or your seo guy or your adwords company and want to change them its is a lot less messy not to ask them for your website back!  Just saying it happens every day.  Keep your hosted site in the hands of a neutral host that will look out for your interests.  I have called LexiConn on many occasions and asked about usage, problems, and when things go wrong you need someone outside of the circle to give objective views.

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