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    In this Month’s Newsletter…

    * Full Page Cache – A MUST for any Magento store
    * Magento Version Upgrades and Development Accounts
    * GoDataFeed, MageMail Services to Increase Sales
    * Interesting Magento Articles…

    Full Page Cache – A MUST for any Magento store
    Using a Full Page Cache (FPC) plugin makes your pages fly, and can help convert more sales.

    If your Magento store is not using a Full Page Cache (FPC), you’re missing out on making your site blazing fast. An FPC is separate from Magento’s built-in caching, or PHP/MySQL caching. An FPC caches the catalog pages themselves, so they load instantly without having to be built from scratch each time they are requested.

    Luckily, it’s easy to integrate a Full Page Cache into Magento. We recommend and fully support Extendware’s Full Page Cache Plugin. It has many features such as automatic flushing of only affected pages/products when changes are made, easily hole punched for custom dynamic data, fast page loads even when items are in the cart, and more.

    Although not free (one time $475 fee, a 10% discount), it is the best Full Page Cache system out there today. You can purchase it through us, and we’ll install and configure it for your site. It’s that easy. More details may be found on our website:

    Magento Version Upgrades and Development Accounts
    Upgrading Magento to a new version is not a simple task. Besides the steps involved in the upgrade itself, many stores have made changes to core Magento files that get wiped out on an upgrade. Plugins or themes may not be compatible with a newer version of Magento. Functionality may change that your site relies upon to work optimally.

    Fortunately, we have a process in place to help a Magento upgrade go as smoothly as possible. For a one time $99 fee, we can upgrade your store to the latest version of Magento. Read more about it on our website:

    If you’re in need of a development / staging area to test with, we can provide this service as well. For shared hosting, the cost is $25 per month and a one time $40 setup fee to copy the live store into a dev. account and adjust it to work properly. For VPS and managed server clients, there is no additional monthly fee, just the one time $40 setup fee. We also set the dev. account so it is *NOT* indexed by search engines.

    GoDataFeed, MageMail Services to Increase Sales
    Looking for services to help increase sales? We recommend two companies that work great with Magento and provide valuable add-ons.

    Go Data Feed:
    They provide a complete shopping site and Marketplace Feed Solution. Translation: They help you sell your products in more places like Google Shopping, Amazon, Nextag, Shopzilla, and 100 more channels. They have a plugin for Magento that makes integration a snap. More info (and a free trial) may be found on our website at:

    Send triggered emails based on events or actions in a customer’s life cycle (abandoned cart, review request, product recommendation, purchase anniversary, and more). The service integrates seamlessly in Magento. Pay nothing unless sales are generated. Find out more on their website:

    Interesting Magento Articles…
    Here are some recent Magento blog posts and articles:

    Extending Magento – What to look for when searching for new features.

    Our Magento Knowledgebase – Our ever growing list of KB articles about Magento.

    Magento Extension Selection – What to look for when adding a plugin/module to your store.

    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Complete contact and support options can be found at:


    - The LexiConn Team

    If you have a moment, please let us know how we’re doing!

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