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    In this Month’s Newsletter…

    * Holiday Tips For Your Store

    * Featured Client: wdmusic.com

    * From the Blog…


    Holiday Tips For Your Store

    Time is fast approaching for this upcoming holiday shopping season. There are several things you can check to make sure your store is running optimally and is prepared for the increased traffic.

    While it would not be recommended to make major website changes this close to the holiday season, there are still several items you can check and/or improve on relatively easily. We recommend fully testing your cart and checkout process to make sure everything is working as expected. This includes having failsafes in place for shipping in case your primary carrier goes down. ShopSite offers an easy to configure backup system under Commerce Setup -> Shipping in case your primary carrier goes down. This monitoring site that we offer will let you know if any of the major carriers are having issues with their system:

    Shipping API Monitor

    Google can also offer you some suggestions for site improvements. Their page speed tool can let you know if there are easy things you can do to improve loading time. Additionally, you should be using Google Analytics to track conversions and ad revenue. Tracking ad revenue assumes that you are using Google shopping campaigns, which are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site:

    Google Shopping Campaigns

    Also, be sure to let us know if you’re expecting a tremendous increase in traffic beyond the normal holiday “bump”. If so, we will work with you accordingly to have everything ready in advance. If you’re a shared hosting client, this could involve migrating you to a VPS or dedicated server. If you’re already on a VPS / Managed Server, then we could look at additional hardware/nodes to accommodate your expected traffic burst.

    If you’re looking ahead toward more involved projects, two high priority items on your list should be to make sure that your website is responsive and served completed over SSL (https). We can assist with transitioning your website to run entirely over SSL if you are running ShopSite, Magento, or WordPress. Feel free to contact us for more details.

    Featured Client: wdmusic.com

    This month’s featured client is wdmusic.com. WD Music Products, Inc. is a full service stringed instrument parts supplier with distribution and manufacturing facilities across the globe.


    For more detailed information on this month’s featured client as well as a listing of all past featured clients, please go to:

    Featured Client Forum

    Affiliate Program…

    Interested in earning recurring revenue by referring others to LexiConn? Join our Affiliate Program (free) at:

    LexiConn Affiliate Program

    For those of you not interested in becoming an affiliate, we offer a free month of hosting for your account for each referral.

    From the Blog…

    Here are some recent posts from The LexiConn Blog:

    ShopSite Tip – Configuring GoDatafeed – GoDataFeed is a merchant feed service that easily integrates with ShopSite.

    Are All of Your Web Pages Free of Security Errors? – All of your web pages should be fully secure without any security errors or warnings.

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    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Complete contact and support options can be found at:


    - The LexiConn Team

    If you have a moment, please let us know how we’re doing!


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