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    In this month’s issue:
    - Shopsite Version 6 released
    - phpBB 2.0 Forum Software available
    - Check out the new LexiConn website

    Shopsite Version 6 released…

    LexiConn is pleased to announce that the long awaited release of
    Shopsite version 6 (6.0.3) is now available. Shopsite 6 introduces
    new features such as UPS shipping rate integration, electronic
    coupons, digital downloads, an improved order and checkout
    process, downloadable orders to quickbooks, and more… The
    software has been optimized for faster publishing and enhanced
    search capabilities, now standard in Shopsite Manager as well.

    A full list of the new Shopsite 6 features can be found at:

    If you have a previous version of Shopsite running and would like
    to upgrade, there is an upgrade fee that applies (unlike previous
    versions, Shopsite is charging for this upgrade). LexiConn is
    running a special through May 31, 2002 on the upgrade fees.

    Shopsite Manager upgrade to v6: $90.00 (list price $125.00)
    Shopsite Pro upgrade to v6: $200.00 (list price $325.00)

    Upgrade requests may be placed via a secure form at:
    (All upgrade requests must be placed through this form.)

    If you do not have Shopsite already, but are interested in using this
    software for selling your products or services online, check out
    the ecommerce section of our website for more information and to
    try out a Shopsite Version 6 Demo store.

    phpBB 2.0 Forum software released…

    phpBB 2.0, one of the most powerful Forum / Bulletin board
    systems around, is now a “one click” install from the Control Panel.
    phpBB 2.0 uses MySQL and PHP to create a truly dynamic and
    feature packed forum that is easy to use. You do not have to know
    anything about MySQL or PHP to take advantage of all it has to
    offer. Installation is easily done under the “CGI Scripts” section of
    the control panel for any account except the “Intro” hosting
    package (which does not support the required MySQL db).

    phpBB features include: unlimited forums and categories, private
    forums that only certain members can access, a powerful search
    function, robust message formatting, polls, email notification of
    replies, personalized profiles for each member, and a web-based
    admin control over every aspect of the board.

    You may view a demo of this board at:

    Check out the new site…

    LexiConn has finished the complete redesign of our website.

    Information regarding the new site can be found in our News
    Forum at: http://support.lexiconn.com/news/viewtopic.php?t=5

    We will be sending a newsletter in the near future describing all
    the enhancements our revamped web site introduces. One of the
    major additions is our new support system which is located at:

    Feel free to register with the desk and submit tickets in that manner
    if you wish to have the the added functionality of being able to
    track the status of your support requests. We encourage you to
    surf on over to:
    and let us know what you think!

    It’s been a while since we have sent out a newsletter, but we
    hope the new features and site make up for it! We have been hard
    at work testing and implementing the new Shopsite, phpBB, and
    creating a whole new look for LexiConn. This is only the tip of the
    iceberg of what LexiConn hopes to announce in the coming

    As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may
    have… :)

    - The LexiConn Team

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