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    LexiConn – June 2002 Newsletter

    In this month’s issue:
    - Spam Protection now available
    - Mailing Lists now handle bounces automatically
    - New support options, news forum
    - Managed Servers

    Spam Protection now available…

    Tired of spam? Wasting valuable time each day dealing with
    unwanted junk email? LexiConn now offers a low cost solution to
    effectively deal with the increasing amounts of spam email that are
    sent each day. LexiConn has integrated a configurable spam
    protection program into the control panel which provides our
    clients with numerous options in dealing with unsolicited spam

    The Control Panel allows you to setup how aggressively you
    would like the spam detection to be as well as how you want a
    spam email to be handled. Options include tagging the subject line
    of the offending email as ‘SPAM’ for easy identification,
    automatically deleting any email that has been tagged as spam,
    plus the ability to send an automated reply to the sender letting
    them know the spam email was not received due to its
    classification as spam. There are also easy to follow instructions
    on how to setup your email program to filter these spam emails into
    a separate folder, thereby cleaning up your inbox.

    Other features include a virus pre-filter, which if enabled, will
    delete any email that contains an attachment that is potentially
    dangerous, such as .dll, .pif, and .bat files. You can also
    completely block certain email addresses or entire domains from
    sending you email via the spam software’s blacklist feature.

    Spam protection can be added to any hosting account for only $3
    per month. Once ordered, this spam protection can be enabled or
    disabled for any or all of your POP boxes with LexiConn. If you are
    interested in adding this to your account, you may order it at:

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Mailing Lists now handle bounces automatically…(Majordomo)

    The highly customizable Majordomo mailing lists now have the
    ability to handle bounced emails (i.e. those that are bad addresses)
    automatically. This means that list owners will no longer need to
    manually remove bad addresses or delete hundreds of bounces
    each time a post is made to the list.

    The system works by detecting any bounced email to the list
    owner and checking whether the destination email address is valid
    any longer. If it is not, the email address is marked as bouncing
    once. If the address bounces a second time, the address is added
    to the bounce list. Additionally, the list owner will not receive all of
    these “bounce” emails which will make managing incoming email
    much easier.

    The list owner can then login via the Control Panel and view the
    bounce list as well as remove those ‘bounced’ email addresses
    from your main subscriber base. The system is easy to use, and
    can help to keep your list “fresh” and up to date.

    Note: If you already have a Majordomo mailing list that was setup
    before May 31, 2002, and would like to have this feature enabled
    for your list(s), drop us an email and we can upgrade your list to
    take advantage of this new feature.

    New support options, News forum…

    LexiConn now offers a ticket based support option as the best
    method to obtain support and track your support requests. The
    Help Desk system is web based, but can also accept support
    requests via email. Once a ticket is submitted, you can track the
    responses, and keep a record of support issues easily. All it takes
    to get started is registering with our Help Desk at:

    Of course, LexiConn still accepts support requests via regular
    email to support@lexiconn.com, but the Help Desk provides
    enhanced functionality in regard to tracking the status of any open
    ticket and viewing all of your support requests in one centralized

    LexiConn’s News Forum is the fastest way to find out about new
    features and important notices regarding your hosting account.
    The News Forum contains new software features, upgrades, and
    network issues related to LexiConn. You can even register to
    receive an email anytime an announcement is made on the forum.
    You may visit the News Forum at:
    and register with the News Forum at:

    Managed Servers…

    LexiConn is proud to announce the availability of our Managed
    Server offerings. These are dedicated servers for one high traffic
    website or a site that needs dedicated resources beyond that of
    the shared hosting environment. The servers are “Managed”,
    meaning LexiConn will take care of the software installation,
    upkeep, security monitoring, and technical support that is needed
    to run a server, while allowing you to focus on growing and
    managing your business. Your website gets to take full advantage
    of all the features and resources of a dedicated machine, which
    can scale up quickly to meet growing site demands.

    For more information and prices on LexiConn’s Managed Servers,
    please visit:

    Since the release of our new web site, we have been working
    diligently to add to and improve our service offerings. One of the
    most requested features has been some type of spam control, and
    the new anti-spam program we have implemented should address
    that effectively. LexiConn is committed to providing the highest
    level of support and new features available for your web hosting
    accounts. Please do check our News Forum regularly (Or register
    to receive an email when new events are posted) to keep up with
    the latest developments. From the newest release of phpBB2.0 to
    the complete hardware upgrades of all existing servers, LexiConn
    is committed to keeping things running smoothly on this end and
    implementing features to aid our clients’ success.

    (You are receiving this newsletter as a web hosting client of
    LexiConn Internet Services, Inc. If you are no longer a client of
    LexiConn, and still find that you are receiving this newsletter,
    please contact us and we will promptly remove you from the list.)

    - The LexiConn Team

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