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    December 2023 Newsletter – Happy Holidays!
    Safeguard Your WordPress Website with Our Exclusive Security Service!


    In the dynamic online landscape, protecting your WordPress site is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity. Whether you run a WordPress blog, utilize the platform to power your website, or leverage WooCommerce for online sales, the security of your digital space is paramount. To meet this need, we are now providing a scanning and cleanup service designed to fortify your WordPress experience at an unbeatable price of $7.99/month.

    Why Secure Your WordPress Site?


    WordPress reigns as one of the most popular web solutions today for blogs, sites, and e-commerce ventures. Unfortunately, its popularity makes it a prime target for cyber threats. Hacked WordPress sites are breeding grounds for malware, spreading viruses, and compromising sensitive information, such as credit card details. This holiday season alone, we’ve witnessed instances of stolen credit cards, sites plummeting from Google rankings, and being blacklisted by major security software providers. Staying in front of the hackers requires vigilance.


    The Consequences of a Hacked Site are Serious:


    • Google De-listing: A hacked site risks being removed from Google, impacting your online visibility.
    • Accessibility Issues: Anti-virus software like McAfee may block your site, making it inaccessible to visitors.
    • Credit Card Theft: For e-commerce platforms, hacked sites can lead to severe penalties from credit card companies.


    The Solution!

    We are thrilled to introduce our DAILY malware scanning service tailored exclusively for WordPress installations for a low monthly fee of $7.99. Plus, any account utilizing this service will receive FREE cleanup in the event the website is hacked (regularly $99.00 per incident). Act now to secure this unparalleled protection for your WordPress site.


    Benefits of Our Security Service:


    • Frequent Scanning: Our service scans your site multiple times daily, ensuring early detection of any anomalies.
    • Immediate Cleanup: In the unfortunate event of a hack, we swiftly and effectively clean up any compromised files.


    This service ensures peace of mind, allowing you to address potential threats before they impact your Google ranking, trigger security software alarms, or result in credit card theft. Ready to fortify your WordPress site? Simply email us at support@lexiconn.com, and we’ll promptly set up the service for you.


    Cleanup Without Service: $99.00 per incident

    For those without our security service, cleanup of a hacked site will incur a $99.00 fee. Don’t leave your WordPress site vulnerable—secure it now!

    Happy Holidays!

    Nearly 28 years ago, LexiConn embarked on a mission to redefine hosting standards—believing that reliable hosting, paired with exceptional customer support, should be the norm. Little did we know that this unique combination would set us apart in the hosting industry.


    What truly makes our experience special is the meaningful relationships we’ve built with you, our valued clients. Witnessing your sites thrive, assisting you in overcoming challenges, and ensuring you get the most from your websites is very rewarding for us. Whether it’s with Magento, WordPress, ShopSite, or a classic HTML website, we’re committed to innovation and delivering the unwavering support you’ve come to rely on.


    As we approach the new year, we’re brimming with excitement for what lies ahead. We’ve got ambitious plans to enhance the security, speed, and overall performance of your site, ensuring it can fully leverage the ever-evolving web landscape. May this holiday season bring you joy and warmth, and may your website flourish in 2024.


    Thank you for being an integral part of the LexiConn family. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!

    We appreciate your business and would be grateful if you might be willing to leave us a review! We have long relied on word of mouth referrals and positive reviews help us immensely with clients that are unfamiliar with our services.
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