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    Website: https://www.markupandprofit.com/

    Description: Construction Programs & Results (www.markupandprofit.com) provides business management training in the construction industry.  Devon from the company states, “We work with construction contractors of all sizes and all trades, both residential and commercial.  A majority of our clients are smaller and focus on residential projects, with 0-5 employees and annual revenues under $5M, although some have 40-50 employees and annual revenue nearing $50M.  We offer books, software, online classes, live classes, and one-on-one business coaching.

    We’re a husband-and-wife team.  Michael’s 50+ years of experience in construction is shared in his books and in his classes; he’s a natural teacher who isn’t afraid to tell business owners what they need to hear to improve their business. Devon handles the editing, technology, marketing, and whatever else needs to be done.”

    Technologies Used: Devon continued, “Our first website launched in 2000 and was developed by a friend in DreamWeaver.  We published our first email newsletter in June of 2001 using an online service called Topica.  In 2005 a web designer convinced us to start blogging and those blog posts, along with our newsletter articles, are now the core of our WordPress website.

    Until last year we operated two separate storefronts; one for our physical and downloadable products, the other for our online classes (streaming videos).  Last summer we consolidated them in a WooCommerce storefront, making life easier for us and less confusing for our clients.  We use SproutVideo to host our class videos, while other videos are hosted on YouTube for SEO purposes.  CampaignMonitor ships our bi-monthly email newsletter.  While we’ve held many two-day classes across the country, we’ve just begun experimenting with live online classes using Livestorm.

    This month we transitioned our main website from Drupal to WordPress to better manage the almost 1000 pages of content.  The biggest hurdle was finding the courage to work with the phpMyAdmin panel when needed.

    One of our continuing challenges is our market.  Our clients don’t spend their days behind a computer; they’re working on jobs or meeting with clients.  What is intuitive to a serious computer user isn’t always intuitive to them, so we need to make purchasing easy and provide clear info on how to access online videos and downloads after a purchase.”

    Advice / Tips: Devon finished, “Unless you have time and money to waste, focus on dependability over price when you’re looking for help.  You’ll spend more time and money fixing problems than it would have cost if you’d hired someone dependable in the first place.

    Also, you’re not too old to learn new skills.  I think we’re proof even senior citizens can build and manage their own website.”

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