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    Website:  https://www.lolaandsophie.com/

    Description:  Lola & Sophie is a women’s clothing line created by Gene Kagan.  John from their company states, “We spend countless hours on fit, so our customers can feel good as soon as they slip on our designs.  We believe that comfort equals confidence, and confidence equals fashion!  Lola & Sophie launched in 2008 and since then we have grown into a recognizable label with US and international distribution.  Most of our products are produced in NYC which allows us meticulous control over quality and the ability to quickly react to market and fashion trends.  Design emphasis is placed on quiet textures and construction details that hide imperfections and enhance the best attributes of a woman’s body.  We draw inspiration from all over the world, from art, from fashion runways, and most importantly, from our customers.”

    Technologies Used:  John continued, “We utilize Magento (PHP) as the core of the shopping platform that we’re continuously building and improving.  We had a custom, modern, responsive, easy-to-use theme designed with our requirements for clothing photos and videos in mind.  Mobile sales now account for over half of our online business so a platform that could support a great experience from a phone or tablet was important to us.  We take security seriously; we use SSL site-wide, Authorize.net as a payment processor with FraudLabs Pro in place for fraud detection and prevention, and use Magento’s external scanning tool to proactively monitor for security issues.  We also use a plethora of third party services to follow-up on sales, advertise our brand, and communicate with our customers. Some of those services are MailChimp for newsletters, Hotjar for customer feedback and analytics, AfterShip for package tracking emails, Buffer for social media scheduling and management, PushAlert.co for browser push notifications, Stamped.io for product reviews, Zendesk Chat for live chat, multiple Google services/tools for analytics, promotions, etc., and the social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    An excellent host is crucial to success with an online shop.  We use LexiConn as our website host and email provider and couldn’t be more satisfied with the outstanding service and support they’ve provided us with throughout the years. The recommendations and optimizations that they’ve helped us with along the way have made our website’s performance and usability truly competitive in this space and we look forward to a long-standing relationship with them.”

    Advice / Tips:  John finished, “Our customer service is one of the reasons that we have an above industry average customer return rate.  We listen to what our customers request but also identify areas that we can make the whole experience smoother up-front, eliminating the need for customers to follow-up as much as possible.  When it comes to feedback collection and finding ways to improve your own online shopping experience, it’s important to strike a balance between useful collection and not getting in the way of your customer’s experience.  Don’t do too much at once: start with a solid, easy to use, and enjoyable web store and continue to improve and add features based on customer feedback and needs.”

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