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    Description:  LeoDaniels is a family owned business and a team of diamond and jewelry experts who bring to you the unsurpassed quality and design at the absolute best value.  Chaim from LeoDaniels states, “When shopping with LeoDaniels, you can pamper yourself with affordable rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in your price range.  We have a beautiful selection of gold, diamonds, tennis bracelets, bangle bracelets, engagement rings and watches that won’t break the bank.  Our Springs Line offers beautiful sterling silver 14kt gold accented jewelry with genuine gemstones.  You can complete your shopping list with LeoDaniels for your loved ones with quality timeless jewelry that will be cherished for years by you and future generations.

    LeoDaniels brings the trust and confidence of the traditional jeweler-customer relationship to you online.  Shopping online for jewelry adds tremendous value via access to more diamonds and jewelry without the overhead price brick and mortar stores incur.  Online shopping is easy (you can browse from the comfort of your couch), all the while knowing you are in trusted hands with LeoDaniels — our 50+ years of diamond manufacturing experience makes it a no-brainer.  From the initial purchase of the rough stones to the cutting into polished diamonds, we bring our expertise and craftsmanship directly to the customer.  To make the decision even easier, we offer free and easy returns to guarantee that you will always get the perfect piece!”

    Technologies Used:  Chaim continued, “The online jewelry retail industry, in general, can be extremely complex and challenging.  Many times, if we wanted to streamline one process it will cause us to compromise elsewhere.  At LeoDaniels, our highest priority is to implement scalable and easy-to-use technology that would simultaneously offer our team a simple and straightforward way to use our systems without diminishing user experience.  Our biggest achievement over the past year has been implementing a state-of-the-art inventory management system that is directly integrated into our Magento site and accounting software that allows us to have powerful control over our product catalog and internal processes.  Our inventory system allows us to keep physical inventory low while still offering the customer a very large selection of products by using a “Make To Order” manufacturing process thereby enabling us to only keep raw materials in stock.  We also implemented software that connects to third party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay that offers us access to a considerably larger customer base.

    Since we deal in such high-value transactions, privacy and security are of greatest importance.  Therefore, we have partnered with industry leaders to keep our company data, customer data, and transactions completely safe.  Our website uses GeoTrust SSL certification that utilizes secure encryption to ensure complete privacy for our customers.”

    Advice / Tips:  Chaim finished, “While technology and software make processes more efficient, there is still no substitution for putting in the man-hours.  At LeoDaniels, we try to keep every employee invested in the company by rewarding them with a rev share based on quarter over quarter growth.”

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