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Magento: Upgrades
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6th of January, 2015

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Upgrading Magento to a new version is not a simple task. Besides the steps involved in the upgrade itself, many stores have made changes to core Magento files that get wiped out on an upgrade. Plugins or themes may not be compatible with a newer version of Magento. Functionality may change that your site relies upon to work optimally.

Fortunately, we have a process in place to help a Magento upgrade go as smoothly as possible. For a one time $99 fee, we can upgrade your store to the latest version of Magento. Read more about it on our website:


If you’re in need of a development / staging area to test with, we can provide this service as well. For shared hosting, the cost is $25 per month and a one time $40 setup fee to copy the live store into a dev. account and adjust it to work properly. For VPS and managed server clients, there is no additional monthly fee, just the one time $40 setup fee. We also set the dev. account so it is *NOT* indexed by search engines.

If your upgrade is unsuccessful due to issues with custom or 3rd party code, we can provide you with developer references whom have worked successfully with our clients in the past.
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